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The UN is offering SCADA security training

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

SCADA security and CIP has been recognized by the UN as areas that pose significant threat to the international scene and has included both topics in their upcoming UN Cyber Crime training programs

The UN Courses has two difficulty levels:

-Basic : 1400 Euro
-Intermediate: 2500 Euro

– Snippets from the UN website-

The Basic-level SCADA & NCI Security course is 3 days long and is meant to provide a non-technical audience with an overview of the current state of SCADA and NCI architectures, and will include the following:

Introduction and examples of SCADA & NCIs,
Examples of real past incidents involving SCADA security failures,
Existing standards and best practices,
The difference between traditional IT security and SCADA/PCS security,
A special guest: an inside view from a SCADA vendor.

The 5-day Intermediate course is addressed to a technical audience and will include:

A special guest, highlighting the question of Open-source vs. SCADA,
Many live lab sessions showcasing both offensive and defensive techniques within a networked SCADA environment,
Historical and recent security incidents,
A special guest, discussing the task of hardening a SCADA infrastructure,
Discussion on performing penetration tests against NCIs.

More can be found on : UN SCADA Cyber Training