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After Kylin-OS expect China’s very own Secure Hardware

May 18, 2009 1 comment

In today’s networked/cyber world, its perfectly normal for self-aware countries to invest in developing in-house cyber capabilities, even if you are a nation that is not mobilizing itself for cyber war, giving your critical infrastructures a good head start “security wise” by standardizing on a non-windows system is a justified and conscious decision.

Recently, Some media claims that the recent report by the washington times about the Kylin-OS (See my posts below ) is unsubstantiated and have contributed to a hype without proper researching. those claims are simply not true and misinformed.

According to this annual DoD report (Annual Report to Congress on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China ) which has been issued every year since 2002. China is developing a secure OS and their very own secure Microprocessor among many other cyber capabilities.

according to the same DoD report, the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is ” investing in electronic countermeasures, defenses against electronic attack (e.g., electronic and infrared decoys, angle reflectors, and false target generators), and Computer Network Operations (CNO). China’s CNO concepts include computer network attack (CNA), computer network exploitation (CNE), and computer network defense (CND). The PLA has established information warfare units to develop viruses to attack enemy computer systems and networks, and tactics and measures to protect friendly computer systems and networks. In 2005, the PLA began to incorporate offensive CNO into its exercises, primarily in first strikes against enemy networks.”

having said that, a chinese article published on May 15th claims that they are far from happy with what they have achieved over the past 5 years in terms of innovation :

“According to Ni Guangnan, China spends tens of millions of RMB each year on Linux development.
So far, five companies have been set up to develop Linux. The government invested millions of RMB to help establish them and has spent millions more supporting them. However, the only progress that seems to have been made by the Chinese companies is in product imitation, and this provides no return on such a huge investment” Full Article in English (HERE)

More DoD reports on china can be found at (