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SANS SCADA European Summit 2009

July 29, 2009 Leave a comment

SANS announced their plan to host the upcoming SCADA EU-Summit in Stockholm,Sweden. The event is scheduled for (29 & 30 October).

Key topics as advertised on the SANS website include:

– The most critical security challenges in implementing smart meters and smart grid. Learn what the US is doing with its $4.8 billion in Smart-Grid funding to ensure these systems do not create new risks

– The lessons discovered by leading process control user organizations throughout the world, and what your process control vendor may be doing to boost the defenses on systems already deployed and on new systems.

– Hear why control systems are so difficult to protect, and arm yourself with clear case studies showing what has been done and what can be done to protect SCADA and other control systems. Learn the language of control systems so you can be of more help to the engineers who plan and deploy such systems.

– The requirements and constraints faced by owners and operators of automation systems. Determine the state of the art in control system security as a benchmark for your own future planning.

– Find out what government can and cannot do; the requirements, constraints, and current capabilities available to secure critical control systems.

– Hear the most challenging and important questions that will shape your process control security research agendas.

The following courses will be offered for free.

– Introduction to Cyber Security for Control Systems
– Intermediate Control Systems Security

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