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Your Medical Records Worth 1.2 $

May 15, 2009 Leave a comment

The Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program’s website has been hacked, The hackers copied about 8.3 Million patient records and medical prescriptions then deleted the original and the backup copies.

The records stolen included : (name,age,address,social security #, driver’s license # ).

The hackers asked for (10m $) ransom and gave the government 7 days before selling the records to the highest bidder.

-In The Register / (HERE)

-In FOX News (HERE)

It continues to amaze me how the underground economy under-price huge DBs of personal medical records , Google is offering the Google Health service “where you can post/share your medical records with your doctor/pharmacy and family (HERE)for “Free” only in return for the right to generate stats out of our anonymized data as mentioned in the service Privacy Policy : “Google will use aggregate data to publish trend statistics and associations” – Complete policy (HERE).Its not a secret that those real world stats are of interest to many governments and/or corporates.

-Quick Notes-

The new US administration has identified Digitizing of the health/medical records as a priority to lower health costs and to improve health care.

Aneesh Chopra, Virginia’s Secretary of Technology, has been tipped to serve as the nation’s (CTO) chief technology officer. some people will ask him for explanations for sure. (My question would be–Where is the offsite backup ? )