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Comparing Industrial Ethernets

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

In a recent Intech Magazine article they discussed how the large variety of different protocols and vendors has caused end users to ask many questions, including:

*Which industrial network performs better for my application?
*Which vendor’s products will satisfy my given requirements?
*How will a particular device perform compared to another?
*How does one performance metric compare to another?
*How well will a particular product work in my control system?

The answer might be the IENetP ( Industrial Ethernet Network Performance toolkit ) the open source tool developed by NIST (Get it from HERE )currently in its first release can currently Analyze the network traffic capture, and report the results.

Version 2.x of the software will focus on adding additional mathematical analysis methods and performance metrics. While NIST is planning to improve the mathematical analysis methods, the test tool will hide the complexity of the calculations by presenting the user with easy-to-understand-and-compare data. The next major performance metric to investigate is latency, which will allow the test tool to analyze a larger number of industrial networks and communication protocols. Version 3.x of the software will focus on other industrial Ethernet protocols than EtherNet/IP. Some examples of other protocols are Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet, Foundation fieldbus HSE, ISA-100.11a, IEEE 802.11/WiFi, and ZigBee.

The Full Intech Magazine article

You can download the NIST Open Source Tool from HERE