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IT Powerhouses See the Smart Grid as a Booming Business

May 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Its now a daily routine that I come across news about Big IT players fighting over a stake in the Smart Grid/Critical Infrastructures modernization efforts. I really think its a trend that is definitely worth monitoring. Reports say that the smart grid eco-system will receive around 11 Billion USD in Obama’s bail out plan.

– Google and GE Partnership for the Smart Grid Plug in – Watch your Home appliances online (Article)
– IBM: “Its all about the SMART GRID in 2009” (Article)
– IBM pours $2B into smart grid as other big names reach for a piece of the pie (Article)
– Forbes: Cisco and GE announce Smart Grid Play (Article)
– EDS and HP Smart Grid Vision (Article)
– Microsoft Joins a Smart Grid Project in Austin (Article)