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Vodafone Turkey Woes and Telco Regulations

September 13, 2009 1 comment

Floods that hit turkey on Wednesday, September 9th sweept Vodafone’s Ikitelli’s district data centers causing a complete network failure that affected millions. Below is a video taken from security cameras of Vodafone’s Data Center in Ikitelli’. (1.54 Minutes into the Video )

Just few minutes after data center incident millions of Vodafone subscribers (according to Vodafone about 3.8 million people) started having communication problems (complete signal loss) for at least 48 hours. customers still report 3G/EDGE problems till this moment.

The DR Plan didn’t kick off for 24 hours and Vodafone had to fly-in the UK Disaster Recovery team, clearly there has been a problem with the DR plan ( perhaps not taking the flooding scenario into consideration , perhaps the scale of the problem was just to big to handle with current resources ). But the question remains:

– Now that Communication (A Critical Infrastructure by definition) affects the life of millions, should nations regulate and/or audit the resilience of the service, unfortunately most Telecommunications regulatory authorities doesn’t review the the DR/BC plans or the annual BC/DR audit reports of private companies although this comes under QoS. With most of the countries now enjoying 3 or 4 Mobile operators I always thought that there should be someway to re-assign and re-distribute affected users to the other operational networks for a fee (Paid by Insurance companies , or the malfunctioning Telco ). I’m not a GSM expert but I assume the concept is similar to Roaming.