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Brazil: 2007 Blackout Was not Caused by Hackers

November 10, 2009 4 comments

Few days Ago CBS’s “60 Minutes” featured a report about alleged cyber incidents that took place in Brazil back in 2005 and 2007. claiming that the major power outages that affected millions was caused by hackers.

Brazil Power Outage

Brazil Power Outage

Today reported that Brazilian government officials disputed the CBS report over the weekend, and Raphael Mandarino Jr., director of the Homeland Security Information and Communication Directorate, told the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo that he’s investigated the claims and found no evidence of hacker attacks, adding that Brazil’s electric control systems are not directly connected to the internet.

The utility company involved, Furnas Centrais Elétricas, told Threat Level on Monday, it “has no knowledge of hackers acting in Furnas’ power transmission system.”

You can watch CBS “60 Minutes” Video (Here)
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