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Cloud Anti-Virus . Riding the wave of cloud computing

May 6, 2009 Leave a comment

The tide has changed, AV companies now realize that the traditional Top Down,Signature based protection is simply falling apart.
Now we see hundreds if not thousands of virus variants daily and its almost impossible to (detect,reverse,sign,test and distribute) in a timely manner. its not surprising that researchers report that the traditional ,now available AVs only detect about 50% of the malware out there in the wild.

Now some credible industry voices started to speak up,,Trend Micro’s CEO said in this Interview that “AV Industry Sucks”
she admits what researchers has been saying for years now and that the bad guys are being more dynamic, cooperative and organized and they are currently 2 steps ahead of the good guys.

So the new trend is now Cloud AntiVirus and Trend Micro seems to have decided to follow the foot steps of PANDA Security who recently released the first “Cloud” based AntiVirus…for free.

you can get it here

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