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The Cyber Shockwave After Math

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My previous post was about the Cyber War simulation called (Shockwave), who organized it and who will participate, Today lets review what the press actually said about the simulation that lasted about 4 hours.

The Shockwave Scenario:
A Smart Phone application called ( March Madness ) becomes popular and millions download it, The APP has triggered a national security crisis and brought the country’s telecommunications and electronic infrastructure to a standstill.

Comment: A Good scenario if we consider and think about facts like ( 100 Million people are now actively using the Facebook’s Mobile App) , source : Techcrunch February 2010.

Imagine a malicious Facebook update that transforms those 100 Million mobile handsets into the biggest BotNet ever created, and with more muscle power everyday like (1GHz Processors ,3G Connectivity…etc) those sets can do a lot of damage if directed properly, and even more damage if directed haphazardly.

Another fact is that most handsets has no anti-malicious software installed (Probably because its useless), so its up to each mobile market to test apps before publishing, a cycle that is promised to be as fast as possible (<24 hours), with thousands of apps submitted daily !!.

As the scenario unfolded, those infected mobile sets, crippled key networks and systems and within hours — 40 million people without power in the eastern United States; more than 60 million cellphones out of service; Wall Street closed for a week; Capitol Hill leaders en route to the White House. (Washington Post)

As a conclusion the Washington Post headline read : War game reveals U.S. lacks cyber-crisis skills

An interesting conversation took place in the exercise as it shows what some officials have in mind.

“We don’t have the authority in this nation as a government to quarantine people’s cellphones.” The White House cyber coordinator was “shocked” and asserted: “If we don’t have the authority, the attorney general ought to find it.”

Mobile Attack

Mobile Attack

Washington Post
Federal Computer Week

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