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Aircraft tracking for the masses

A friend told me about a free website that lets you track airplanes anywhere in the world, in real time (5 Min Difference ) using google maps.

Casper is a website that visualises (live) aircraft traffic . It can be used in showing tracks, labels and a heat map. The map can be zoomed and panned.

The system also provides specific flight information for instance: altitude, speed, manufacturer, model, carrier sign and departure or destination. The display of live data is currently delayed by 5 minutes for security reasons.

The screen shot below show the air traffic over northern Holland

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

I also found that you can carry around all this info in your pocket with apps such as this iphone app (Tracker Pro)

Tracker Pro

Tracker Pro

Now lets use the recently leaked (How to smuggle a bomb) TSA airport security manual (Here), add a pinch of live tracking (CASPER), pick one of the many innovative airplane blow-up plots (Here) and with minimum effort its pretty easy to at least attempt something worthy of making headlines.

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