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The Federal IT Dashboard-The Status Quo Is No Longer Acceptable !

I really like the new Federal IT dashborad I see it as an amazing tool to keep the public informed with the details of the Federal information technology investments and provide them with the ability to track the progress of IT investments/projects over time. The IT Dashboard displays data received from 29 agency reports to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), including general information on over 7,000 Federal IT investments and detailed data for nearly 800 of those investments that agencies classify as “major.”

I know that some other countries are doing the same and will launch similar services soon, Such a trend can really help the concerned public/industry. The data is very comprehensive, It even covers the performance metrics and KPIs for every major project.

For example the NPPD – National Cybersecurity & Protection System (NCPS) project seems to be running little behind ( Av. days late per milestone is 120 ) , But you can see that the amount of work is huge.



NPPD Miletsones

NPPD Miletsones


You might need to watch this tutorial Video to actually know how to reach your desired information, then it becomes fairly easy.

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