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Smart Meter Worm Propagation Sim Videos

As a follow up on his Blackhat presentation ioactive’s mike davis was kind enough posting a couple of youtube videos where he simulated the propagation of the Smart Meter Worm.

The Simulation features 22,000 node smart-meter worm propagation using GPS points gathered from geo-coded home addresses purchased from a bulk mailing list. The simulation takes into account radio range (.001 GPS degrees for this sim) RF drop-off over distance(signal strength) and RF noise as well as packet collisions (to quarter second resolution).

As he mentioned in a recent webcast the 3 simulations below show different propagation rates/speeds as they simulate meters with different radio ranges and different scenarios for the initial worm release location with respect to the rest of the smart meter population.

For instance Meters with longer radio ranges tend to have higher collision rates…etc, thus slower.

You Tube Links:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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