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SMART GRID Domains Where Standards are Needed

In the presentation ( NIST Smart Grid Standards Roadmap Project Goals ).

An illustration of key standards per domain as mentioned in NIST’s Smart Grid Road Map, and how they come into play can be seen below.



Also in the slides NIST provides an analogy comparing the Smart Grid to Verizon’s new Triple Play network

Quote: ” (Verizon FiOS is one example – integrates voice, video, data)
• Initial field trials in 2004
• Nationwide full deployment will take 10-15 years
• Standards work started in 2003
• Three principal standards bodies involved
• Release 1 standards finalized year-end 2005
• Release 2 finalized early 2008
• About 600 standards documents
• Mostly “mix & match” and extensions of existing standards
• Standards continue to evolve with new technology

Smart Grid is about the same magnitude
• Key difference: many more standards bodies involved
• Strong coordination role needed
” End Quote.

My Comments:

– As the Smart Grid continues to attract media and general public attention, its worth noting that a huge amount of deep technical information is now out there for free. All the communication protocols in the graph are published online and available in details.

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