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AT&T and Qwest Joins the Holy Grail Race (aka SMART GRID )

Companies are repositioning themselves to grab a piece of the smart grid lucrative pie. after my previous post talking about CISCO,HP,GOOGLE..etc all announcing SMART initiatives… it was about time for the telco giants to join the race.

Qwest Communications has partnered with Current Communications on a smart-grid offering for utility companies that combines the former’s DSL network with the latter’s broadband-over-powerline (BPL) technology.

Last march SmartSynch and AT&T signed a partnership whereby AT&aT’s wireless network is used to connect smart meters at commercial and industrial locations to around 100 different utilities’ back offices. “See Picture Bellow”



Yesterday AT&T announced that they are targeting a much more diverse SMART GRID role as previously perceived

“We are starting at the meter and working our way back up the grid to the power production plant and looking at automating all the different elements along that chain,” said Abhi Ingle, vice president of industry and mobility application solutions at AT&T. “We’re embedding wireless intelligence at different points in the grid to not just capture usage and dynamic pricing information from the end user, but to also look at outage management, fault detection and things of that nature.”

In the news report published HERE , Its mentioned that Under the terms of the agreement, AT&T and Cooper will co-sell two products, OutageAdvisor and VARAdvisor. OutageAdvisor is a sensor that hangs on electric delivery lines every couple of miles to locate and isolate faults and then communicate them directly back within the system in real-time over AT&T’s network. Ingle said this will lessen the time it takes to identify and correct faults, as well as reduce the likelihood of an outage.

The VARAdvisor sensor will serve as an alternative to manual inspection of equipment that controls the voltage supplied to consumers and detects fuse failures, which Ingle said will also help reduce the need for on-site inspections.

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