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Social Media and Cyber Security

I was reading a friend’s blog on how twitter decided to reschedule its maintenance downtime to accommodate the iranian elections !! As per twitter status blog, “A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight’s planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between 2-3p PST (1:30a in Iran).” (official twitter blog post HERE )It is interesting that twitter decided to be offline during US peak hours, for the availability in Iran.

according to a ZDNET blog Apparently twitter was successfully used to coordinate a DDoS attack on several key pro-Ahmadinejad Iranian web sites, including the President’s homepage which continues returning a “The maximum number of user reached, Server is too busy, please try again later…” message.

Also, Back in April 2008 a group of Egyptian youth used Facebook to create a group (+70,000 members) to organize and coordinate a nationwide strike that quickly became a regional media hype (The Group’s page ).

under the twitter.com basic terms of service it clearly says that:

“You may not use the Twitter.com service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.” yet they agree to reschedule the maintenance schedule to accommodate the “freedom fighters” !

Its clear that web 2.0 is here to change the game, the problem is that its a game with no rules…yet.

He who can harness the power of hundreds of millions of “mostly teenage” users and direct them in any way imaginable will be the ultimate Bot master.



  1. cashowal
    June 18, 2009 at 2:01 am

    Yes, I agree, Twitter is changing the way people communicate today, especially during a crisis-it has been interesting to see this social network emerge in the past two years of its existence.

    Did you know that Mousavi has his own twitter account, mousavi1388 and has been doing updates to his supporters from there…I cannot understand what he writes because it’s in his native tongue. But, it’s all very fascinating.

    I also wrote about the social media being used in this election in my blog

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