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SCADA Stalkers and Cyber Borders

I was reading a Team Cymru report called (Who is looking for your SCADA infrastructure) it reaffirms what every one in the field knows about certain countries / per region scanning certain SCADA infrastructures.

Its worrying that its practically very hard to point fingers or know for sure whether those scans from country “xyz” are deliberate or just a product of a major botnet.

So a question comes to my mind. Should a country be legally held responsible for scanning the SCADA infrastructure of another country ?

I believe that scanning SCADA systems transcends corporate espionage and profit oriented cyber crime for obvious reasons, and all due diligence should be exercised by countries to protect its infrastructure from being used to scan or infiltrate another country.

Automatically this leads to the debate about cyber borders, what should pass and what should pass with expectation of retaliations.

Most of the world is at a very early stage technologically to be able to police and enforce a cyber borders systems in which every country protects and is totally accountable for its cyber space exactly as we currently have controls over the ariel space for example.

Till we reach this level, a lot is happening and even more will happen with no one held undeniably accountable.

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