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Pirated Windows 7 RC Builds Botnets

According to security firm Damballa, A pirated copy of Windows 7 infected with a trojan that first appeared on the internet on April 24th. is spreading at a rate of 1600 installations/day.

the Trojan infested copy spread as quickly as several hundred new bots per hour, and controlled roughly 27,000 bots by the time Damballa took over the network’s command and control server on May 10, the firm said Tuesday.

With Damballa taking over the Command and Control Center on May 10th, the botmaster’s control is now only limited to machines infected prior to that date.

The trojan software is primarily designed to download and install other malicious packages under a “pay-per-install” scheme, under which the botmasters are paid based on the number of other pieces of malware they cause to be installed, Damballa said.

Network World article (HERE)
CNET article (HERE)
Dark Reading article (HERE)

Damballa’s BotNet Risk Calculator (HERE)

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