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Helping Power Plant Control Systems Achieve NERC CIP

In a recent issue of “Power Energy News” an article featured a Guide aimed at helping Power Plants meet NERC standards.The Guide was introduced by the author as “offers suggestions from a control system engineering perspective for protecting power-generating units that are determined to be critical cyber assets”.

The Guide (HERE) suggests products like: Unified Threat Management Systems (UTMs) and Security Event Management systems (SEMs) as the perfect Install and forget solutions which is not the case for many reasons:

– UTM and SEM implementations are complex and not easy to setup and properly configure in normal IT environments, not to mention Mission Critical Environments that often include a mixture of Legacy and Modern systems, Wired and Wireless, WAN, and remotely deployed sensors.

– Early adopters already voiced their dismay that these technologies are hindering them in meeting their business objectives. So the industry experts/policy makers still need to find the right balance between security and usability.

Further Readings :
– NERC CIP standards (HERE)
– Comparison Between ( NERC CIP ) standard and (CIP 002 to 009) standard, HERE


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