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The Most Secure Windows Ever !!

Microsoft has released a new version of XP after 7 years of the OS initial debut in late 2001. In this version which MS calls the “most secure ever” , MS worked closely with the US AirForce to lock down more than 600 features. Getting rid of that much excess package narrowed the patching cycle to just 72 hours instead of 50+ days.. analysts say that the patching compatibility checks are much much simpler and straight forward in this new exclusive release.

If MS can do such a thing due to political pressure, then why don’t they just release a similar version for the public interested in a secure/hardened OS, I am sure there will be huge interest.
if this new release can reduce the patching cycle to 72 hours which can significantly help the community eliminate the Zero Day Vulnerability, then they simply have to do it.
Its not that they will start adopting a new marketing concept…VISTA is already out in FIVE different flavors. including two identical versions…that only God and Bill Gates can tell the difference.

The full article here

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