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Financial Incentive for Security

I was reading an article about the need for financial incentives to encourage private sector companies to deploy better security measures !! …I just don’t get it.

Security in critical infrastructures should be a part of the business package, either you (as a private business) try your best doing it or you loose your license. once you enter the business of critical infrastructure then you are dealing with human lives ( electricity-heating-communication-waste water treatment..etc) so we are not selling shoe laces here.

If governments still see that we must pamper the corporates with ” financial incentives” to be due-diligent and responsible then something is seriously wrong with the system. There is no financial incentives for restaurants to keep their kitchens and food clean, on the contrary they pay fines and may loose the license if they don’t. the way i see it is that we are just steps away from blackmail.

The full article arguing otherwise is here

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