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SCADA/DCS Standards Bonanza

Just going through a study that was made by the NSTB (National SCADA Test Bed ) and submitted to the Department of Energy back in 2005, Its really amazing to see how many standards can be applicable on any given Energy company..now with the huge dependency on TCP/IP in the SCADA environments..this is something that requires fast/rigorous actions on getting our act together and consolidating all these standards that are overlapping in sections as well as showing weaknesses in others an example would be that NERC didn’t give encryption enough credit while AGA really went for it.

I guess the currently under development ISA99 will go a long way in the right direction and thats because it was built with the best scope so far.I took the table from the NSTB report and updated it with the latest developments…you can see the updated version below.

SCADA standards  comparison Sheet

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