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Reviving LOGIIC

LOGIIC (Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cyber security) is a government and industry collaboration forum that started in USA back in 2006 to find ways that can help the oil and gas industry become more aware about security issues and reduce vulnerabilities in the process control systems. The proposed benefits included specialized and targeted R&D , influencing the technology providers to address security concerns in new products and to transition the research and ground breaking ideas into real world deployable solutions…I really dont know the current state or output of this project after 3 years of lunching the initiative,,,but i think its a really good idea that shouldn’t be narrowed to US based companies and US government agencies..Its a global problem and should be a global effort.

I know that other countries are going after similar initiatives including national sector working groups, specialized CERTs …etc , but this means that everyone is just working alone on the same problem..as some one from the oil and gas industry i know that “we all use the same applications with minimum or no changes”..some of the old SCADA/DCS that are still being used out there have hard coded passwords so those passwords are practically being shared across the globe. there are only 3-4 vendors that dominate the market and we better stand together as governments concerned about our nations sustainability to mandate and monitor the security in such critical assets.

A presentation about LOGIIC can be downloaded from this link

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